Rob Duarte

Open Source Hardware and Software Project Repositories


RJ45 Eurorack Bridge

A portable RJ45-to-Eurorack bridge that allows two modular synthesists to collaborate across a safe distance during the COVID-19 pandemic
Github repo

Black Lives Matter Library

A library for Autodesk Eagle that allows engineers and designers of electronic objects to include a BLACK LIVES MATTER message on their PCBs
Github repo

Eurorack Passives

Small PCBs for a variety of passive Eurorack non-modules
Github repo

Mic Preamp

A microphone preamp that works well with piezo disc contact mics
Github repo

Hora Pure Panel

Eagle files to be used with OSHpark After Dark pcb service, for the Hora Pure alternative firmware for MTM Radio Music
Github repo

Eurorack Ears

Models and drawings of Eurorack rail profiles and brackets
Github repo

REX C100 PID Controller

A video describing modifications that can be made to a REX C100 PID controller
YouTube video

Eurorack Karaoke Delay

Adapting a cheap karaoke delay board for Eurorack
YouTube video


The Filenal Countdown

A Windows countdown timer that works well with OBS and other streaming software
Github repo


Arduino libraries for Nintendo game pads
Github repo


A collection of utility patches for Quartz Composer
Github repo


A one-page (two-sided) handout that can be used for a Bitsy workshop or class. Also, a collection of video tutorials on advanced Bitsy topics.
Github repo & YouTube playlist


A collection of shell and perl scripts that are more or less handy
Github repo